Volume 25: Accelerated Energy Innovations and Emerging Technologies

Novel Concept of Autonomous Liquid Desiccantbased System for Sustainable Indoor Humidity Pumping (A) Kamel Ghali, Nesreen Ghaddar, Jean Paul Harrouz, Elvire Katramiz



A sustainable humidity pump is proposed to manage the indoor humidity levels by directly removing the water vapor from the room air instead of supplying a dried cool air as in the conventional systems. The humidity pump uses liquid desiccant driven by a thermosyphon loop. The system is sized following a systematic sizing approach applicable to any outdoor conditions. The proposed system is simulated for different heat inputs to determine the optimal operating conditions. It was found that the system performance was affected by the outdoor RH levels, where the optimal COP decreased with the increase in the outdoor RH: a maximum COP of 1.54 was reached at low RH (35 °C, 30 %). Furthermore, a higher heat input was needed to operate the system at higher outdoor RH for the same latent load removed.

Keywords Indoor humidity pump, sustainability, liquid desiccant, water vapor adsorbents

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