Volume 43: Energy Transitions toward Carbon Neutrality: Part VI

Numerical Analysis on Conceptual Feasibility of Hybrid Windcatcher and Turbine Roof Ventilator for Optimum IEQ and Wind Power Harvesting Diana SNM Nasir, Ben Richard Hughes, Azlizawati Ibrahim



This paper introduces “SmartTURVENT,” a hybrid windcatcher and turbine roof ventilator system with triple benefits: enhancing indoor environmental quality (IEQ), harnessing renewable energy, and reducing carbon emissions. Utilising a transient state pressure-based solver with CFD airflow modeling, the SmartTURVENT system optimises heat exchange, achieving about 6-40% and 11-55% faster attainment of acceptable humidity levels compared to individual windcatcher and turbine roof ventilator operations, respectively. In energy harvesting, SmartTURVENT generates 0.37 W, 11.27 W, and 69.10 W at wind speeds of 2 m/s, 5 m/s, and 10 m/s, respectively. Over an 8-hour operation, SmartTURVENT reduces carbon emissions by an average of 13.0% compared to conventional systems.

Keywords Indoor environmental quality, dynamic mesh modelling, computer fluid dynamics (CFD), thermal airflow modelling, thermal comfort, carbon emission reduction.

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