Volume 9: Sustainable Energy Solutions for Changing the World: Part I

numerical investigation of gdl compression rate on AIR-breathing proton exchange membrane fuel cell Tingting Sun, Biao Xie, Fan Zhang, Lizhen Wu, Kui Jiao



In this study, a 3D (three-dimensional) multiphase CFD (computational fluid dynamics) model of AB-PEMFC (air-breathing proton exchange membrane fuel cell) is developed, in which the influence of GDL compression is considered. The anisotropic electric and thermal conductivities in the in-plane and through-plane directions of GDLs and the contact resistance between GDL and BP (bipolar plate) are also included in this model. It was found that the optimal open area ratio for the maximum performance of AB-PEMFC is different under different GDL compression rates, and generally the larger the compression rate is, the larger the optimal open area ratio.

Keywords AB-PEMFC, GDL compression rate, 3D multiphase model, Open area ratio

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