Volume 38: Energy Transitions toward Carbon Neutrality: Part I

Numerical Investigation on the Effect of Container Geometry on Water Evaporation in Pure Vapor at Low Pressures SiBo Wan, YouRong Li



To explore the effect of different container geometry and interface curvature on water evaporation at low pressure, a two-side mathematical model is established, and a series of numerical simulations are carried out. According to the calculation results, the surface curvature has distinct effects on the development of thermocapillary convection, and thus affects the flow and temperature distribution in the liquid phase. The difference in the dominant convection will lead to the difference in the energy transmission mode. In addition to thermal conduction, the roles of thermocapillary convection and buoyancy flow should be considered.

Keywords evaporation, thermocapillary convection, buoyancy flow, energy transfer

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