Volume 43: Energy Transitions toward Carbon Neutrality: Part VI

Numerical modeling and performance of continuous thermally regenerative electrochemical cycle Yixuan Li, Weicong Xu, Li Zhao



Recycling low and medium heat is important for saving energy and reducing pollutant emissions. The continuous thermally regenerative electrochemical cycle (C-TREC) have attracted attention because of their ability to continuously output electrical energy. In this study, a two-dimensional stationary model coupling flow and electrochemical reactions is developed to investigate the flow and C-TREC electrochemical reactions during the charging and discharging process of a continuous thermally regenerative electrochemical cycle. The effects of porous electrode geometry, porosity, current density, overpotential, and temperature difference between hot and cold sources on the performance of C-TREC are analyzed. The study specifies the operation strategy during charging and discharging.

Keywords low and medium temperature thermal energy, thermally regenerative electrochemical cycle, charge-discharge process

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