Volume 30: Urban Energy Systems towards Carbon Neutrality

Numerical Simulation and Analysis of Photovoltaic-Driven Heat Pump System Integrated with Energy Storage Qi Wang, Haitao Zhang, Songsong Zhao , Bin Liu



In order to further reduce the energy consumption of heat pump system in winter, a new type of photovoltaic driven storage constant temperature storage system is proposed in this paper. The results show that the temperature in the storage room can be stably maintained at -2.0 °C to 3.7 °C. The operating efficiency of the heat pump system can be maintained between 3.0 and 4.0, the average coefficient of performance (COP) of the system can reach 1.9, and the operating power of the system is 0 kW to 0.7 kW. The cumulative heat produced by the system reached 18.0 kW·h, and the average daily accumulative consumption of electricity was only 6.8 kW·h. The system can provide a design basis for energy-saving constant temperature storage.

Keywords Photovoltaic driven, heat storage water tank, simulation, energy storage

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