Volume 2: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part I

Numerical Simulation of a Completely Novel Integrated AD-AB Sorption Refrigeration System Nikbakhti R, Wang X, Chan A



In response to some serious issues like the energy crisis and environmental problems associated with the conventional compression refrigeration system, thermal air-conditioning systems were therefore developed to overcome the mentioned problems. A completely novel integrated adsorption and absorption (AD-AB) refrigeration system driven by low-grade temperature heat sources is proposed in this investigation. This novel cycle focuses on the inherent characteristics of the adsorption and absorption phenomena. The innovation here is that the generator of the absorption cycle becomes the evaporator of the adsorption cycle. Therefore, the generation and evaporating pressure are associated with the heat source temperature. Moreover, the adsorber in the adsorption system replaces the condenser in the standard absorption system. Thus, the generation pressure is associated with the heat source temperature and can be adjusted according to the solution concentration and generation temperature.

Keywords integrated AD-AB system, absorption, adsorption, COP, low-grade thermal energy, energy Efficiency.

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