Volume 2: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part I

Numerical Simulation on Heat Transfer and Storage Performance of Hydrogen- Heat Storage Units Yang Ye, Jianfeng Lu,Xiaolan Wei, Jing Ding, Weilong Wang



Hydrogen storage is an important part in the utilization of hydrogen energy. The combination of phase change materials and hydrogen solid storage system will effectively recover and utilize the reaction heat in the process of hydrogen absorption and desorption. This paper presents a hydrogen-heat storage unit consisting of metal hydride (MH) and phase change material (PCM). The performance of hydrogen ab/desorption and heat storage/release of MH-PCM units was studied by numerical simulation. To optimize the units structure and improve performance, the amount of PCM was discussed. The results show that the sensible heat storage ratio of PCM and the average desorption rate increases with the decrease of the amount of PCM.

Keywords Hydrogen storage, Heat storage, Phase change material, Sensible and latent heat, Heat transfer

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