Volume 10: Sustainable Energy Solutions for Changing the World: Part II

Numerical Simulation Study on Co-combustion Characteristics of Biogas and Antibiotic Filter Residue in a Grate Furnace Xinyue Gao, Chang’an Wang*, Chengchang Liu, Gaofeng Fan, Qisen Mao, Defu Che



The treatment of antibiotic filter residue (AFR) is an important issue, because of its special nature, the large output, and the difficulty of combustion. Nowadays, the AFR is generally incinerated, but dioxins are produced during the process, which makes incineration technology face challenges. There is a lack of research on the influences of co-combustion conditions on temperature field and flue gas characteristics, but it plays an important role in practical applications. The present study aimed to investigate the influences of AFR mixed with biogas on furnace temperature field and emission characteristics through numerical simulation. The results showed that the opposed injection position was the best type when the proportion of mixed biogas was constant. The results can provide new insight into co-combustion and thermal utilization of AFR.

Keywords biomass fuel, co-combustion, numerical simulation, antibiotic filter residue, grate furnace

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