Volume 2: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part I

Numerical Study of Biomass Co-Combustion With Consideration of Distinct Characteristics of the Fuel Constituents Anqi Zhou , Hongpeng Xu, Yang Wenming



To address the difficulty and drawbacks of low-quality biomass such as municipal solid waste (MSW) combustion in grate boilers, co-combustion is proposed. In order to investigate how the distinction in the physical and chemical property of the fuels influences the combustion characteristics, a fuel bed model is developed with separate consideration for each fuel constituents. In this model, the kinetic parameters of chemical reactions are determined independently from single fuel combustion and applied in co-combustion simulations. It is found that the participating fuels demonstrate differences in their consumption rate and reaction peak during co-combustion. Moreover, the combustion can be improved obviously by blending in 30% of higher rank fuel.

Keywords renewable energy, co-combustion, biomass combustion, numerical simulation, modeling, mixed fuel

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