Volume 24: Sustainable Energy Solutions for a Post-COVID Recovery towards a Better Future: Part VII

Numerical Study of Combustion Modes in a Clustered Porous Radiant Burner Sunita Deb*, SHV Satish, P Muthukumar



The combustion characteristics of a newly developed Clustered Porous Radiant Burner was investigated. Numerical simulations were performed at different equivalence ratios for a power input of 12.56 kW and the flame movement was analyzed by locating the maximum temperature points. Thermal nonequilibrium model was considered for the energy equations and the combustion was modelled by employing eddy-dissipation model. Surface combustion was reported for equivalence ratio 0.6, while the submerged combustion was obtained for equivalence ratios 0.7 to 0.85. Stable partially submerged combustion was obtained for equivalence ratio of 0.9. The burner was observed to be unstable when operated at an equivalence ratio of above 0.95. Numerically predicted result was in good agreement with the experimental data.

Keywords Flame stability; porous radiant burner; eddy dissipation model; flashback; Rosseland model

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