Volume 19: Sustainable Energy Solutions for a Post-COVID Recovery towards a Better Future: Part II

Numerical Study on Gravity-driven Particle Flow around Vertical Plate Out-wall: Effect of Mixing Part on the Heat Transfer Xing Tian, Hao-Nan Jia, Zhi-Gang Guo, Jian Yang, Qiu-Wang Wang



Nowadays, Moving Packed Bed Heat Exchanger (MPBHE) are being gradually applied in the field of industrial waste heat recovery and solar energy due to its clean energy and low cost. In this paper, heat transfer performance of plate with three different mixing parts are researched by discrete element method. The results show that, there is strong mixing between particles after flowing through the mixing part. Compared with elliptical mixing plate (ELL-MP) and trigonal mixing plate (TRI-MP), the mixing ratio and feature velocity of trapezoidal mixing plate (TRA-MP) are the largest. The mixing parts can significantly improve the heat transfer performance, and TRA-MP is the best. The heat transfer coefficient of TRA-MP increases by an average of 40% than that of plate in the downstream region of the mixing part.

Keywords gravity-driven particle flow, vertical plate with mixing part, moving packed bed heat exchanger, heat transfer enhancement, discrete element method

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