Volume 10: Sustainable Energy Solutions for Changing the World: Part II

Onsite Investigation of a Balance Correction Test Method Based On Double-sided Heat Flow Meter Xing Shi, Guangcai Gong, Yongchao Liu, Pei Peng



A balance correction test method(BCTM) based on a double-sided heat flow meter is proposed in this study, which is used to optimize the thermal performance testing method of the building envelope. The accuracy and applicability of this method are verified by using the measured data of typical buildings in China’s hot summer and cold winter regions. The results show that: for walls in the steady state and unidirectional unsteady state heat transfer process, the balance correction test method can accurately obtain the thermal performance parameters of the wall, and the error is only 6.48%, 5.56% and 5.8%, and this method can effectively shorten the measurement time and calculation period.

Keywords Balance correction test method; Double-side heat flow meter; Hot summer and cold winter; Thermal performance; Building envelope

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