Volume 23: Sustainable Energy Solutions for a Post-COVID Recovery towards a Better Future: Part VI

Operating Characteristics of Metal Hydride Hydrogen Storage with Pressure Regulation Wei Chen, Lu Li , Ke Wang, Xue Ying Dai , Lu Zhang , Jia Qi Liu , Xing Chen Li



Hydrogen energy is an indispensable technology to achieve carbon neutrality in China. Currently, closed-loop hydrogen-related technology still faces great challenge in hydrogen storage. Metal hydride hydrogen storage (MHHS) is one of the promising forms in increasing hydrogen storage density and technical security. Whereas, MHHS technology involves complex physical-chemical issues in heat-mass transfer and absorption reaction. Based on a multi-field coupling model, the present work focuses on enhancing the running performance of MHHS by pressure regulation. It is found that with suitable pressure, the thermal load on reactor bed has been weakened effectively at the cost of an acceptable reduction of reaction rate. The Tmax of RB was reduced from 98°C to 75°C at the variable pressure operation mode. The present research provides a guidance with pressure regulating operation for MHHS technology.

Keywords hydrogen storage, Metal hydride, heat-mass transfer, pressure regulation

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