Volume 8: Advances in Energy Innovation and Development

Operational Planning for Integrated Energy System with Carbon Flow and Trading Scheme Towards Emission Reduction Yunqi Wang, Jing Qiu, Xiao Han, Lingling Sun, Hengrong Zhang, Yuan Ma



The operational planning for Integrated Energy System (IES) with different energy carriers provides a new perspective of synergies towards a low-carbon society. Existing carbon trading scheme promotes this process via finical incentives. However, as customers are the underlying driver of emission. Planning with accurate carbon tracing and demand response would improve the effectiveness of decarbonization. Meanwhile, customers would be encouraged to participate with extra environmental profits rather than passive price takers, under the double taxation principle. Therefore, a forward cycle can be established to reduce carbon emission. This paper proposes an operation planning model for IES to study the influence of demand response to emission mitigation and system dispatch in both energy market and carbon trading market. The proposed model is tested on an IES system involving a modified IEEE 24-bus electricity network and a modified 20-bus natural gas network. Based on the simulation result, the proposed model is effective to achieve emission mitigation.

Keywords integrated energy system, low-carbon economy, emission trading market, carbon emission flow, demand response

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