Volume 4: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part III

Optimal Operation For Combined Cooling Heating And Power Microgrid Considering Nonlinear Modeling And Load Shifting Qiong Cui, Peipei Ma, Lei Huang, Fuzhong Li, Yixue Li, Jie Shu



In view of the volatility of renewable energy and the randomness of load in the CCHP micro-grid, and considering that the shiftable loads model is an important means of demand side response, this paper studies the operation optimization of the system from the perspective of nonlinear modeling and load shifting. Firstly, the nonlinear model of the main equipment is established based on the nonlinear interpolation method. Then, the Shiftable loads model and the system optimization operation model with the objective functions of primary energy consumption (PEC), carbon dioxide emission (CDE) and daily operation cost (COST) are constructed. CPLEX is used to solve the above models. Finally, the effects of the nonlinear model and the linear model on the optimal operation of the system under the three objective functions before and after the load shifting are analyzed by numerical simulation. The results show that the nonlinear model can better respond to the load curve after translation than the linear model, so that the impact of load shifting on the optimal operation of the system is more obvious.

Keywords CCHP micro-grid, Shiftable loads, Nonlinear model, Optimal operation, Multi-objective

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