Volume 19: Sustainable Energy Solutions for a Post-COVID Recovery towards a Better Future: Part II

Optimal Operation of Multi-Energy System Integrated with an Alkaline Electrolyzer Dynamic Power-to-Hydrogen&Heat (P2H2) Model Chunjun Huang, Yi Zong, Shi You, Chresten Træholt



Apart from producing green hydrogen, the commercial alkaline electrolyzer (AE) could also be a potential heat supply source by recycling the waste heat during the electrolysis process. In this paper, a dynamic power-to-hydrogen&heat (P2H2) model is proposed to characterize the interaction of hydrogen and heat supplying in an AE stack. Based on the presented model, furthermore, a rule-based strategy (RBS) and an operation cost-minimization oriented Mixed Integer Linear Programming (MILP)-based strategy (MILPBS) are developed for enabling the operational flexibility of a multi-energy system (MES) integrated with the P2H2 model. Several cases are studied to show the effectiveness and limitations of the two strategies with comparative performance analysis for different application scenarios.

Keywords Wind power, alkaline electrolyzer, power-to-hydrogen, waste heat recycling, operation optimization

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