Volume 3: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part II

Optimal Operation Strategy of Interconnected Microgrids in Market Environment Dehong Liu, Xiangyu Kong, Liyuan Zhang, Ying Zhang, Guitian Ren



With the advancement of market-oriented reform and the development of microgrid technology, the interconnected microgrids will play an important role in industrial parks, development zones and other scenarios. This paper establishes an operating mode structure of interconnected microgrids in the market environment and proposes a two-layer optimal operation strategy for interconnected microgrid. In the lower layer, the interconnected microgrids system aims at minimizing the total purchase cost of the system and optimize the clearing power price and the power allocation of microgrids, considering the voltage and power flow constraints of the system. In the upper layer,the microgrid operators optimize the bidding strategy with maximum profit, consider feedback from inner optimization. The genetic algorithm and mixed integer programming solver of Cplex is used to solve the model. The case study verifies the effectiveness of the proposed method in different scenarios.

Keywords interconnected microgrids, renewable energy, electricity market, operation

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