Volume 9: Sustainable Energy Solutions for Changing the World: Part I

Optimal Power Component Sizing of Vehicle-borne Mobile Microgrids for Military Applications Saad Bin Arshad, Jiangfeng Zhang, Beshah Ayalew, Pierluigi Pisu



Remote and temporary military installations often do not have grid power connectivity despite the large electrical loads they have to support. In order to ensure adequate power supply for such needs, microgrids (MGs) composed of a variety of mobile power sources are often utilized. This paper studies the component sizing problem for such microgrids by formulating an optimization model with various budgetary, power, and packaging constraints. The optimization problem is solved to obtain a design that minimizes the operating cost of the MG while meeting all the microgrid design objectives and operational constraints.

Keywords military microgrid, optimal sizing, vehicle-loaded microgrid

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