Volume 13: Low Carbon Cities and Urban Energy Systems: Part II

Optimal Strategy Analysis of a Large-Scale Consumer considering Day-ahead and Real-time Power Market Coupling Nan Shang, Xiang Zhang, Guo-ri Huang, Wei-de Gu, Yi-hang Song



This paper aims to establish the strategy of the large-scale consumer for maximizing the total benefits under the circumstance of the day-ahead (DA) and real-time (RT) coupling market. Among the various possible bidding behaviors in demand side, three typical bidding modes are concluded and four typical trade scenes are further formulated. Moreover, a unified general function for trades has been constructed and the corresponding solutions have been discussed. Furthermore, an optimal bidding model is proposed for the large-scale consumer and the corresponding assessment indices have been utilized to quantify the effectiveness of the proposed method. A case study based on the data from a provincial power market is carried out, which demonstrates that the reasonable power portfolios between the DA and RT market can decrease the purchase costs of the large-scale consumer.

Keywords Large-scale Consumers, Day-ahead and Real-time coupling market, Optimal Strategy

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