Volume 3: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part II

Optimization Analysis of Demand Response Model Based on Resident Heterogeneity Yanchao Zhang, Mei Sun, Peipei Zhang, Cuixia Gao



Demand response (DR) has becomes one of the tools mostly used in adjusting users’ electricity consumption pattern and behavior on the electricity market. In this paper, a single-objective optimization model with multiple constraints is established. Based on the electricity demand-price elasticity and the credit mechanism, further consider the impact of factors such as income, environmental awareness, family member and age, a more realistic subsidy mechanism is developed by taking into account the heterogeneity of users. The actual electricity load and price data are used for numerical simulation, and the results of economic index and load factor show that this model is more effective than the model which only considers the demand-price elasticity and the results show that the model is practical and effective.

Keywords Demand response, Resident heterogeneity, Credit mechanism, Elasticity coefficient

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