Volume 3: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part II

Optimization and Evaluation of Operation Stretegies for Reginal Distributed Energy System Miao Li, Maojun Zhou, Hailin Mu, Kun Xu, Junli Shi



With the development of energy technologies, the electricity, cooling and heating are tightly connected to improve the overall efficiency of distributed energy systems. These systems satisfy simultaneously different energy demands at building level (hotels, offices and residential buildings). The optimal capacity of technologies from numerous alternatives and optimal operating strategy as well as electricity network connection was investigated in this paper in order to achieve economic and environmental gains. A mixed integer linear programming model was also used for multi-objective optimization to minimize total cost and pollutant emissions. The results show that distributed energy system with electricity network as well as real time control can realize the better performance through multi-optimization from regional viewpoint. However, the results are on the contrary aiming at individual hotels and offices. The performance advancement of this system can only be reflected in residential buildings.

Keywords distributed energy system, electricity network, multi-objective optimization

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