Volume 44: Energy Transitions toward Carbon Neutrality: Part VII

Optimization method for three-dimensional intelligent equilibrium flooding in thin interbed reservoirs: A case study in P Oilfield, China Bin Jiang, Shiqing Cheng, Kang Ma, Qiao Guo



Quick water breakthrough, rapid water cut rise, poor water flooding efficiency in single layer is common problem in most of thin interbed reservoirs. Finer injection-production strategy should be developed to avoid serious water channeling and ineffective water cycle. To narrow this gap, this work presents a threedimensional intelligent equilibrium displacement model (3D-IEDM) to optimize water flooding in thin interbed reservoirs. The implementation in pilot B36 well group test of PL oilfield indicate that the optimization velocity of 3D-IEDM can optimize the vertical water injection profile of thin interbed reservoirs, and improve the sweep efficiency, and the length of time is approximately 14 times less than conventional simulator-based methods. Compared with the conventional injection-production scheme, the initial productivity of pilot well group using 3D-IEDM increases by 6.45%, and the utilization factor of water injection improves by 15%.

Keywords intelligent energy, equilibrium flooding, interbed reservoir, particle swarm optimization

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