Volume 30: Urban Energy Systems towards Carbon Neutrality

Optimization of open refrigerated display cabinet based on different package arrangements Shengchun Liu, Huan Liu, Yang Zheng, Xueqiang Li, Yonghui Guo



Open refrigerated display cabinet (ORDC) is widely used in supermarket. It is very convenient for customer to take package. Therefore, the package is not full in ORDC in most time. And the different package arrangement could directly affect ORDC performance. Therefore, this paper optimizes the ORDC and aims to find an optimal structure to meet all different package arrangements. By using the validated model, the windshield and airfoil were employed. Results showed the optimal windshield width, the distance of from evaporator to windshield, and the distance from airfoil structure to shelf edge were 70 mm, 210 mm, and 80 mm, respectively. Under different package arrangements, the average temperature only varied 0.8 °C and the energy consumption 9%. The results obtained in this paper could provide guidance to optimize ORDC.

Keywords Open refrigerated display cabinet (ORDC), windshield, airfoil structural.

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