Volume 10: Sustainable Energy Solutions for Changing the World: Part II

Optimization of server water cooling system operating conditions based on minimum energy consumption analysis He Wei,Ding Su,Pei Chenchen,Zhang Jifang,Wu Xiaohui,Li Hailong,Liu Shengchun



To improve data center thermal management, a water cooling system based on the cooling tower of data center with thermal power of 4.8 kW is introduced. A fin-type water-cooled heat sink is taken to cool chip in the server cabinet. Aiming to realize the minimum energy consumption of the water cooling system, and the optimization analysis on the cooling water working condition is carried under different safe chip temperature with aid of TRNSYS software. The results show that when taking safe chip temperature of 70°C, the minimum power usage effectiveness (PUE) value of approximately 1.097 is yielded at these optimal case: inlet temperature of secondary cooling water of 20°C, and the primary and secondary cooling water flow rates of 9.207 L/min and 6.108 L/min, respectively. Finally, the fitting correlation equations of optimal parameters for different safe chip temperature are given to guide cooling system design.

Keywords cooling tower, energy consumption, TRNSYS, water-cooled heat sink

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