Volume 4: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part III

Optimized Configuration of Energy Storage in AC-DC Distribution System with High Penetration Pvs Integrated Wei Wei, Chen Han, Zhu Jie, Xu Tao, Zhao He, Li Zijin, Luo Fengzhang



DC power distribution technology and energy storage technology can promote the safe integration of renewable energy. In this paper, a scene clustering based bi-layer energy storage optimal configuration method for AC-DC distribution system with high-penetration PVs is proposed. The upper storage capacity allocation model aims at minimizing the sum of annual investment cost and operation cost, while the lower level operation optimization model is to minimize the system annual operation cost. This paper applies the model of BESS configuration to the AC-DC distribution system, and discusses the influence of DC distribution technology, VSC control characteristics and load distribution on the BESS configuration results through several examples.

Keywords AC-DC distribution system, Energy storage system, photovoltaic, Scenario analysis

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