Volume 2: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part I

Optimized Energy Management of a Hybrid Energy Plant by Using a Methodology Based on Dynamic Programming Hilal Bahlawan, Mirko Morini, Michele Pinelli, Pier Ruggero Spina, Mauro Venturini



An optimized energy management strategy of hybrid energy plants can lead to a significant reduction in primary energy consumption. This paper documents the development of a methodology based on dynamic programming for the optimization of the energy management strategy of hybrid energy plants, with the aim of minimizing the primary energy consumption. The validity and capability of the optimization methodology presented in this paper is demonstrated by comparing its results to those obtainable by means of commonly used operation strategies. Moreover, a case study consisting of a thirteen-floors building located in the north of Italy is considered to demonstrate the developed methodology. Compared to a thermal-led operation strategy with a different switch-on priority order of plant components, the proposed methodology allows a primary energy saving between up to about 6.57 %.

Keywords Dynamic programming, Hybrid energy plant, Energy management optimization, Primary energy consumption

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