Volume 10: Sustainable Energy Solutions for Changing the World: Part II

Oxidizing-Resistant PdZn Catalyst for Hydrogen Production for Fuel Cell Jiahao Yan, Peijian Yan, Xinhai Yu*, Shan-Tung Tu



In the real application of on board hydrogen production for fuel cell powered vehicle, the catalyst concerning steam reforming of methanol (MSR) for hydrogen production suffered frequent oxidation considering the intermittent driving of vehicle. In this study, the environment effect on the PdZn catalyst concerning MSR was investigated and the reason was discussed. It was found that a high molar ratio of Zn to Pd for intermetallic PdZn catalysts is favorable for the formation of PdZn intermetallic compound when the catalyst was oxidized and then reduced. The high molar ratio of Zn to Pd can guarantee the negligible influence of frequent oxidation on the catalytic activity and selectivity.

Keywords PdZn intermetallic compound,oxidation,hydrogen production,steam reforming of methanol

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