Volume 10: Sustainable Energy Solutions for Changing the World: Part II

Parameter analysis of a biomass based SOFC-Engine polygeneration system for cooling, heating and power production Pengfei Zhu Leilei Guo, Jing Yao, Jianwei Ren, Mehmet Fazıl Kapçı, Burak Bal, Zhen Wu, Zaoxiao Zhang



In order to meet the demand of clean and efficient energy conversion technology, a novel combined cooling, heating and power (CCHP) system fueled by biomass is proposed. This system is consists of biomass gasification unit, solid oxide fuel cell, IC engine unit and absorption refrigeration chiller. Thermodynamic model of the CCHP system are developed and then parameter analysis is adopted to optimize the performance of this system. The effect of air equivalent ratio (ER), steam biomass ratio (S/B) and the fuel utilization factor of SOFC (μ) on the performance of the entire system are studied. The results show that increase of S/B and μ will prompt the electrical efficiency, while the increase of ER has a negative effect on electrical efficiency. The exergy analysis shows that the exergy destruction of biomass gasification process and engine is larger, which is 454.5 kW and 207.2 kW respectively. On the contrary, exergy destruction of SOFC and absorption refrigeration chiller are 15.9 kW and 52.8 kW, respectively.

Keywords Solid oxide fuel cell, Biomass gasification, Parameter analysis, Exergy analysis

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