Volume 9: Sustainable Energy Solutions for Changing the World: Part I

Parametric optimization and performance comparison of organic Rankine cycle, organic dual-pressure cycle and organic flash cycle Yuanyuan Zhang, Huaixin Wang



Compared with the basic organic Rankine cycle (ORC), organic dual-pressure Rankine cycle (ODC) and organic flash Rankine cycle (OFC) can provide better temperature match between working fluid and heat source in the heat absorption process. However, heat exchanger area is also remarkably increased. Since, the net power output (Wnet) and heat exchanger area per unit power output (APR) of the three cycles are optimized and compared in this study. The result shows that ODC’s and OFC’s maximum net power output and minimum APR are greater than ORC’s when the initial temperature of exhaust gas without SO2 is 120-200C. When the initial temperature is 160C and the flow rate of 62.15 kg/s of heat source and R245fa as working fluids, The ODC system can achieve a better thermo-economic performance than ORC and OFC systems.

Keywords Rankine cycle,waste heat recovery

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