Performance Characteritics of Hydrogen Generator Using Sodium Borohydride Storage for Uninterrupted Power System Soon-mo Kwon, Myoungjin Kim, Kilsu Park, Shinuang Kang, Taegyu Kim*


Performance characteristics of hydrogen generator using sodium borohydride storage for uninterrupted power system was evaluated in the present study. For fuel cell-based uninterrupted power system, compressed and liquefied hydrogen have been mainly used as a hydrogen storage, but safety for long-term storage is still problematic due to its storage characteristics. In this paper, the reaction of sodium borohydride with an acidic solution was employed to generate hydrogen in order to compensate the storage problem. Using this mechanism, a hydrogen generator for 1 kW fuel cell was developed and the performance evaluation was carried out in the various operation conditions.

Keywords Fuel cell, Chemical hydride, Uninterrupted power system, Energy conversion, Hydrogen

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