Volume 15: Low Carbon Cities and Urban Energy Systems: Part IV

Performance enhancement of perovskite solar cell using Al-TiO 2 thin film as electron transporting buffer layer D.I. Kim, J.W. Lee, R.H. Jeong, S. Park, K.-H. Hwang, S.-H. Nam and Jin-Hyo Boo



It is important to prevent the decomposition of perovskite by UV-radiation in air environment for commercialization. The structure of a mesoscopic perovskite solar cell has great potential for the solar cell industry. It is vulnerable to UV-radiation due to reversible performance deterioration that has been observed in this structure. In this study, perovskite solar cells (PSCs) were prepared using an Al-doped TiO2 buffer layer as electron transport layer combined with a mesoporous-TiO2 layer in order to prevent this problem. The Al concentration of 7 mol% in Al-TiOx buffer layer was shown to enhance the performance of the perovskite solar cell, as these solar cells exhibited a power conversion efficiency of up to 11.87%.

Keywords Perovskite solar cell, Photovoltaics, Buffer layer, Electron transport layer.

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