Volume 18: Sustainable Energy Solutions for a Post-COVID Recovery towards a Better Future: Part I

Performance Evaluation of 33 kV Polymeric Outdoor Insulators Equipped with Non-Linear Field Grading Composites M-Ramez Halloum, Subba Reddy B., G. Nithin Reddy



This paper presents a study on 33 kV polymeric outdoor insulator’s performance with non-linear resistive field grading composites based on Zinc Oxide microvaristors. The effect of non-linear field grading composites with optimized design and characteristics in stress control of 33 kV polymeric outdoor insulators using 2D models is evaluated. Also, a 3D model of the 33 kV polymeric insulator is developed to obtain more accurate and realistic results. The field computation and simulations are conducted using the (FEM) Finite Element Method and COMSOL Multiphysics. The proposed insulator with resistive field grading composite shows improved electric field distribution under various conditions. In addition, the heat generated along the insulator surface has been computed and compared. The simulation results demonstrate that the field grading of polymeric insulators using non-linear grading composites can improve the insulator performance under different surface conditions and increase the flashover voltage by reducing the potential of dry bands formation.

Keywords polymeric outdoor insulator, non-linear resistive field grading composites, stress control, finite element method, ZnO microvaristors

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