Volume 36: Intelligent Energy Solutions for Resilient Urban Systems

Performance of a carnot battery system with seawater as cold reservoir Yilun Zhang, Yao Zhang, Junwei Liu, Zhan Liu 1, Xiaohu Yang



As an energy storage technology, carnot battery stores the electric energy as thermal energy. It has the characteristics of large capacity, long cycle time and independence for fossil fuels. This paper presents a novel transcritical carbon dioxide carnot battery system. Different from previous studies, seawater of different temperature is selected as cold reservoir in this study. The main work is to analyze the thermodynamic performance of this system. The obtained investigation indicates that the maximum value of round-trip efficiency is 54.2% when the compressor and pump outlet pressure is 20MPa and 19 MPa respectively. Furthermore, the decrease in evaporator pinch temperature and cold seawater temperature result in an increase of round-trip efficiency.

Keywords carnot battery, seawater, thermodynamic analysis, transcritical carbon dioxide

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