Volume 47

Performance of Metal Compound Catalysts for Coke Gasification Reaction Liangguo Lyu, Yuanpei Luo, Shengping Zhang, Fei Dai



With the excessive use of fossil energy and concern for environmental protection, coal coke gasification as an clean means of energy utilization has received widespread attention worldwide. Coal catalytic gasification is an effective way to realize clean coal utilization. The catalytic gasification technology of coke and CO2 has the advantages of low reaction temperature, small energy consumption and low CO2 emission. In this study, the catalytic effect of alkali metals, alkaline earth metals, transition metals and rare earth on the reaction between coke and CO2 was investigated by using a self-made gas-solid reaction device. It was concluded that in the gasification reaction between coal coke and CO2 at 1173K, the performance of K2CO3 catalyst was the best. Under the condition of wet mixing, the conversion rate of K2CO3 was 98.8%, and τ50% was 40.6min. The metal compound catalyst of Ca, Fe in wet mixing and dry mixing conditions had little effect on the coal coke -CO2 gasification. Thus, K and Ce was kinds of efficient catalyst and will be used as a promising catalyst for coal char CO2 gasification.

Keywords coke; gasification reaction; alkali metal; alkaline earth metal; transition metal; rare earth; CO2

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