Volume 36: Intelligent Energy Solutions for Resilient Urban Systems

Photo-enhanced Catalytic DRM on Ni@SiO2 with High Resistance to Carbon Deposition Jinrui Zhang, Tianlong Yang, Qiong Rao, Yang Li, Zhongrui Gai, Ying Pan



Methane and carbon dioxide are major greenhouse gases contributor. CO2 dry reforming of methane (DRM) for syngas production is a promising approach to reducing global CO2 emission and extensive utilization of natural gas. However, the reported catalysts endured rapid deactivation due to severe carbon deposition at high temperature. Here, CO2 reduction by CH4 on hexagonal nano-nickel flakes wrapped by porous SiO2 (Ni@SiO2) catalysts driven by thermal and solar light are tested. High resistance to carbon deposition and reactive activity are demonstrated under focused solar light. Furthermore, the mechanism of light-enhanced reaction reactivity is investigated by Infrared spectroscopy and the activation effect of light is depicted. The light-driven DRM provides a promising method for renewable solar energy conversion and CO2 emission reduction due to the excellent activity and durability.

Keywords syngas, photocatalytic DRM, CO2 emission reduction, resistance to carbon deposition

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