Volume 8: Advances in Energy Innovation and Development

Planet Earth Capacity Factor AND New Look Criteria _ A S. E. Erturan, H. M. Cekirge, R. S. Thorsen



The paper presents the study, Erturan, Cekirge and Thorsen [1], that is introducing facts and capacity of continuously changing and evolving situation in the environment. In this paper [1], it is presented facts and indicators of the Planet Earth capacity factor considering questions of existing human activities’ safety and sustainability. These questions can be extended for advancing and developing our home planet without encountering a dilemma and future generations and civilization developments’ sufferings because of our movements. In order to get positive answers to these questions, we definitely need to improve our technological skills. It might be an appropriate explanation to understand our current timeline. As the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic demonstrates, nature can quickly become a formidable foe—particularly if humans are caught unprepared. Although Earth’s ideal conditions have provided humans with a perfect environment to thrive socially and economically, her natural resources are not limitless and her natural balances are delicate. It is critical to begin developing solar technology to meet the human race’s energy needs. The human race currently meets its energy needs mainly through fossil fuels. But not only are fossil fuel reserves limited but also excessive reliance on fossil fuels can cause long-term environmental damage. On the other hand, solar energy is bountiful, free and clean. As such, solar energy is a great alternative source of energy that will ensure that future generations enjoy a hospitable planet and healthy and economically stable living conditions. Planet Earth supports our current lifestyles, but there are obvious indications of unusual changes in her cycles. Only recently have we begun to consider plans regarding Earth’s capacity; historically, we have mostly considered local environmental factors. Unfortunately, the time for only thinking of local factors has passed – we must consider the planet’s capacity for continued human survival in order to create a sustainable lifestyle. As humans, we believe that we live in some sort of “infinite time spiral” – that is, we believe that the human race will live forever – but this is simply illusionary cortical brain activity. The mitigation measures are also presented by [1].

Keywords CSP, Solar Desalination, TES, Thermal Energy Storage, SiC, DSG

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