Volume 3: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part II

Planning Research on Power Distribution System under the Access of Electric Heating Equipment Represented by Electric Boiler Xu Wang, Dan Wang, Zhengji Meng, Peiting Wang, Yang Lei



In recent years, due to the influence of extreme weather, it is difficult to meet the demand for heating in non-concentrated areas in China. How to solve the problem of heating in non-centralized heating areas has become a research hotspot. This paper first introduces the advantages of electric heating technology and the impact of electric heating equipment access to the distribution network. Then, taking the electric boiler as the typical electric heating equipment, aiming at the expansion cost of the distribution network lines and the lowest investment cost of the electric boilers, the planning model considering the electric heating equipment accessing the distribution network is constructed, and the corresponding algorithm is used to solve the problem. Finally, a planning scheme for considering the connection of electric heating equipment to the distribution network is proposed, and the feasibility of the proposed scheme is proved by a study case.

Keywords electric heating technology; electric boiler; distribution network; planning method

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