Volume 24: Sustainable Energy Solutions for a Post-COVID Recovery towards a Better Future: Part VII

Plant-based Green Wall in Office Environment-Part 1: Real-Time Experiments Girish Karthik Karra Raveendran†*, Baris Burak Kanbur†, Swapnil Dubey, Pudupadi Balachander Rajesh



Indoor greenery is an energy-efficient and sustainable solution for living spaces thanks to its positive impacts on indoor air and environmental quality. This study presents experimental research to see the impact of a living green wall based on vegetation systems on the removal of total volatile organic compounds (TVOCs). The living space is a real office environment with a number of 15 people while the outdoor environment is a tropical climate. The study collects continuous and long-term TVOC data using Demand Based Biological Air Purification System (DBBAPS) supported by cloud-based data storage. Sensors are located in various parts of the office and the results show that the present green wall can remove TVOCs up to 95% over a five-week period.

Keywords Green wall, vegetation systems, indoor greenery, indoor environment, air quality, volatile organic compounds

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