Volume 5: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part IV

Pore and Microcrystal Structure of Co-pyrolysis Char from Polyvinyl Chloride and Bituminous Coal Haiyu Meng, Shuzhong Wang*, Zhiqiang Wu, Jun Zhao, Lin Chen, Jiake Li



The physico-chemical structure of co-pyrolysis char significantly affects its gasification reactivity. Pore distribution and microcrystal structure of co-pyrolysis char from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and bituminous coal were investigated by specific surface area analyzer and X-ray diffraction. Based on fractal theory and deconvolution method, the influence of PVC on copyrolysis char structure was analyzed quantitatively. The results showed that the specific surface area of copyrolysis char increased slightly compared with PVC char. Similar to the PVC char, the pore size distribution of copyrolysis char was wide and uniform. The ordering of carbon microcrystal structure of co-pyrolysis char was promoted by the addition of PVC. This study can provide basic data for exploring the relationship between gasification characteristics and structure parameters of co-pyrolysis char.

Keywords Co-pyrolysis char, pore distribution, microcrystal structure, polyvinyl chloride, bituminous coal

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