Volume 3: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part II

Potential Impact of EV Charging Stations Integrated with Office Buildings on Their Load Curve Jurasz M, Mikulik J



Electrification of the transport sector is a crucial goal, which has to be accomplished in order to ensure sustainable development of worldwide economy and human civilization. Currently electrical vehicles (EV) constitute to only a small fraction of the whole automobiles fleet. It is however anticipated that a significant cost reduction of EV, technological progress in energy storage and increasing conventional fuel prices will change this situation dramatically. As with each new product on the market the customers behavior can be modeled only to a certain extent. Bearing in mind the above this paper investigates the potential impact of EVs’ charging station which is a part of an office building infrastructure. Various scenarios are analysed considering different charging strategies. Results indicate need for developing intelligent and forecasts based charging strategy.

Keywords office building, load curve, charging station, transport electrification, peak load

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