Volume 3: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part II

Privacy Protection of Smart Meter Users Based on Rechargeable Batteries and Solar Panels Yu Liang, Yang Liu



In smart grid, smart meter (SM) samples the energy consumption of users at high frequency. By analyzing measurement data, users’ behavior patterns can be identified, which threatens consumers’ privacy. This paper studies the protection of SM privacy by solar power generation system and rechargeable battery (RB). Solar energy provides alternative power other than power grids for users. RB provides energy storage. Under the constraints of RB physical conditions and solar radiation, a “privacy-cost dual optimization model” is proposed to minimize the weighted sum of privacy leakage and power consumption costs. In order to solve the optimization problem, we propose a new optimization algorithm. The simulation results show the effectiveness of the algorithm. The effects of different target curves on privacy protection are studied.

Keywords renewable energy, Smart Grid, privacy protection, rechargeable battery, optimal algorithm

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