Volume 13: Low Carbon Cities and Urban Energy Systems: Part II

Proposal and thermodynamic analysis of a novel combined thermal and compressed air energy storage system integrated with an absorption power cycle Xuqing Yang, Zhenzhu Yu, Zhan Liu, Xiaohu Yang



Integrating energy storage technology with renewable energy can improve largely the penetration of renewable energy. A novel energy storage system based on compressed air energy storage, electrical heater and Kalina cycle is thus proposed. This work focuses on demonstrating the feasiblity and effectiveness of the hybrid system for achieving the energy cascade utilization through parametric analysis. Results show that within certain ranges, higher discharging pressure and lower electrical heating temperature are beneficial for increasing round trip efficiency of the hybrid system. Decreasing discharging pressure and increasing separator pressure would reach higher power production of the Kalina cycle turbine.

Keywords compressed air energy storage; Kalina cycle; electrical heater; thermodynamic study

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