Volume 5: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part IV

Public Attitude Towards Aviation Bio-Fuels: A Pilot Study Findings Salman Ahmad*, Bing Xu, Phil Greening, Jamal Ouenniche



Aviation industry has a substantial carbon footprint, which is likely to increase due to a continuous rise in air travel demand. Use of bio-fuels present a prospective carbon mitigation measure. Success of any technological innovation depends on public’s awareness and perception of that technology. Little is known about the social acceptance of aviation bio-fuels. Public’s awareness and opinion can contribute to social acceptance resulting in higher uptake of this type of fuel by the aviation sector. In this study, we examine public acceptance by designing a multiple-choice questionnaire based upon public’s knowledge, perception and attitude. Convenience randomly sampling is used to select the respondents. Along with demographic questions, 4 questions are related to knowledge; 3 questions explore the social trust; 10 questions try to judge respondents’ perception while 5 relate to attitude. For recording the responses, five point Likert Scale is used. A model questionnaire is presented for discussion. Preliminary results of pilot study are also presented.

Keywords sustainable aviation biofuel, public perception, attitude, climate change, social acceptance

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