Volume 3: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part II

Quantification of Amorphous Content in Combustion By-Products: An Overview Cai Yongtie, Yang Wenming, Zheng Zhimin, Zeng Guang, Siah Keng Boon, Prabakaran Subbaiah



The presence of the amorphous phases has a great effect on the pozzolanic, chemical and mechanical properties of combustion by-products. Traditional quantitative phase identification of combustion by-products by the Rietveld refinement method fails to consider the presence of the amorphous and unidentified phases. Several direct and indirect analytical methods which are used to determine the amorphous phases and assess their performance via X-ray diffraction have been discussed with their benefits, limitations and applicability.

Keywords Combustion by-products; amorphous content; analytical techniques

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