Volume 13: Low Carbon Cities and Urban Energy Systems: Part II

Quantification of multi-energy coupling effect in integrated energy systems Fanqi Kong, Xiaojie Lin, Wei Zhong, Xingtao Tian, Lan Li



As one of the core characteristics of integrated energy system (IES), the coupling effect between energy carriers has been a hot topic in existing studies. However, from the perspective of the whole IES, the quantification of the extent of multi-energy coupling is rarely discussed. To solve this problem, this paper establishes an energy coupling index (ECI) to quantify the multi-energy coupling effect considering energy conversion process. Based on the operation data of an industrial park, a case study is carried out to validate the rationality of the proposed index. The calculation results show that when energy coupling unit connects into the IES, ECIs of different energy carriers show overall upward trend, which means ECI can effectively characterize the coupling status of IES. ECI could quantify and assess the design and operation scheme of IES.

Keywords coupling effect, quantification, integrated energy system

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