Volume 7: Urban Energy Systems: Building, Transport, Environment, Industry, and Integration

Quantifying the Impacts of Windstorms on Resilience of Urban Energy Systems Minglei Bao, Yang Yang, Kexin Wang, Yi Ding*, Xiaoming Zhou



Faced with ever-increasing environmental pollution and public concerns about energy security, urban energy systems (UESs) need to be constructed to improve the efficiency and reliability of energy utilization. However, due to significant impacts of extreme weather on the operation of UESs, it is important to develop a model to evaluate the resilience of UESs. In this paper, a synthetic model is proposed to quantify the impacts of windstorms on the resilience of UESs. Firstly, the optimization model of UESs under contingency states is developed to determine the generation re-dispatch and load shedding. Moreover, considering the effects of high winds, the line fragility model is utilized to calculate the unavailability of power lines according to the surrounding wind speeds. On the basis, the simulation framework for the resilience evaluation of UESs is developed utilizing Monte Carlo Simulation (MCS) technique to quantify the impacts of high winds on the UESs. Finally, the proposed methods are validated using the urban energy test systems.

Keywords resilience; urban energy systems, High Winds, line fragility, Monte Carlo Simulation

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