Volume 46: Energy Transitions toward Carbon Neutrality: Part IX

Radiative Cooling Technology for Data Center Cooling Systems Lu Wang, Xiaoxuan Chen, Liang Chen, Zhen Li



In order to promote the green, energy-efficient and sustainable development of data centers, this study introduces a hybrid cooling system that incorporates the full-day radiative cooling technology into data centers and couples it within a heat pipe integrated cooling system, which efficiently operates alongside mechanical refrigeration and natural cold sources. The radiative cooling performance and regional adaptability in 12 major cities in China were analyzed using Energy Plus and mathematical modeling. Moreover, a 40-day test was conducted in Hebei to validate the practical operation of the radiative cooling system. The results demonstrated that during the summer, the average maximum net radiative cooling power can reach 40-50 W/m2. The study also reveals the potential of combining the radiative cooling system with traditional air conditioning, leading to an average annual energy savings rate of 28% for data centers. The research provides valuable guidance for the design and implementation of radiative cooling systems in data centers.

Keywords data center, radiative cooling, mathematical modeling, cooling system, energy efficiency

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