Volume 6: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part V

Real-road Energy Consumption Characteristics Of Electric Passenger Car In China: A Case Study In Shenzhen Hanzhengnan Yu, Yu Liu, Jingyuan Li, Xiaopan An, Hai Liu



As the increasing complains of the electric passenger car owners about the lower pure electric mileage under real-road driving condition than the regulation standard test result, the annual real-road energy consumption characteristics of 20 MPV electric passenger cars in Chinese city, Shenzhen, have been investigated to analyze the effect factors causing the energy consumption difference between these two results. Results showed that the annual variations of realroad energy consumption rate of each month were agreed with the variations of air conditioning using duration. The highest and lowest energy consumption rates were obtained in July and March, which increased the energy consumption rate of whole vehicle about 24% in the maximum extent. The difference of the energy consumption between real-road and regulation standard test was attributed to the effects of air conditioning using and driving condition (driving velocity and acceleration distribution), which have been qualified in this paper.

Keywords electric passenger car, real-road energy consumption characteristics, air conditioning using, driving condition

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