Volume 25: Accelerated Energy Innovations and Emerging Technologies

Real-Time Emulation of a MMC with BESS for EV Application Alaa Omar, Alan Wood, Hamish Laird, Paul Gaynor



A real-time emulation of a modular multilevel converter with integrated energy storage devices has been carried out. The real-time model is detailed and implemented using MicroLabBox/dSPACE. The system is tested and compared to an experimental prototype of the converter. The main advantage of the proposed real-time system is that it gives higher fidelity for further investigations, specifically in electric vehicle applications where it can be integrated into a real-time emulated electric vehicle. The model can be extended to a higher number of levels as it has no constraints on the number of switches or batteries/cells. Also, it can be integrated in a power hardware in the loop system to decrease the testing time of a product. This is a novel proposal of a real-time emulation of the converter in an electric vehicle application using MicroLabBox/dSPACE.

Keywords real-time, emulation, MMC, batteries, HIL.

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